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Eye Essentials Action ⭐

Eye Essentials Action ⭐

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Capture the true depth and showcase bright real-life eyes with the 22 amazing and essential eye layer masks, plus 10 helping tools to speed up your workflow even further.

You'll have the ability to easily brighten your eyes, open shadows, banish red eyes, reduce eye glass glare, add custom catchlights to those without any or boost those that are already there.

You can say goodbye to wrinkles, lighten under eye circles, remove debris (dirt, veins, etc.). You can even enhance your subjects eyes to even them out or just to make them pop!

For use on:

👉Fine art portraits (get those beautiful highlights), 
👉Newborn sessions (even out skin & baby blemishes,
👉Families (even out tones for everyone),
👉Seniors (those little acne spots on teens),
& just about every and anyone else! 

Compatible for Photoshop CS2-CS6, CC and Photoshop Elements 11-15

Image Credits: Images are courtesy of Shannon Squires Photography, L.M. Pixel Perfect Photography, Sarah Kern Photography, Katie Rose Photography, Heather Wilson Photography, Tracy Joy Photography

Some contain editing techniques on other parts of the image. These were not achieved with the Skin Essentials Action Set


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